Level II and Level III Payments

Merchants that deal with business, corporate, or government payments can benefit from lower payments processing fees by submitting Level II and Level III data. Level II and Level III data enable customers to track the amount of tax they pay and to reconcile transactions with a unique customer code.
The difference between Level II and Level III is the amount of data that is captured for payment processing. Level II data includes:
  • Standard Info
    —payment card number and expiration, billing address, shipping address, and invoice number.
  • Customer Code
    —unique reference ID for the order.
  • Tax
    —an amount must be submitted separately from the total transaction amount.
Level III data includes the Level II data, plus the following:
  • Freight Amount
    —total freight or shipping and handling charges for the order.
  • Duty Amount
    —total charges for any import or export duties included in the order.
  • Line Item Details
    —details such as item ID, item description, quantity, unit of measure, price sold, tax, and alternate tax information.
Contact CyberSource Customer Support to have your account configured to process Level III data. If your account is not enabled, and you are trying to send live Level III transactions, you receive an error for invalid data.
You can send Level II and Level III data in capture, sale, credit, or refund requests. Make sure the
field in the request is set to
for Level III data. The response includes the
field, which indicates whether CyberSource sent the Level III information to the processor.
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