AVS Codes

When a processor supports AVS for a transaction’s card type, the issuing bank uses AVS to confirm that the customer has provided the correct billing address. When a customer provides incorrect information, the transaction might be fraudulent.
AVS occurs automatically with every authorization request. The authorization reply includes the
field. This field contains the AVS code from the issuing bank that indicates whether AVS matched the address and whether the address match was partial or complete.
When AVS cannot verify the address, but the authorization is otherwise valid, you might receive an AVS decline. You might capture authorizations that receive an AVS decline; however, you must review these orders to ensure that they are legitimate. Settling authorizations that fail the AVS check might have an impact on the fees charged by your bank. Contact your bank for more information about how AVS management might affect your discount rate.
field is the raw AVS code sent directly from the processor. Do not use this value to handle the AVS response. Use it only for debugging purposes.
Relaxed Requirements for Address Data and Expiration Date
To enable relaxed requirements for address data and expiration date, contact CyberSource Customer Support to have your account configured for this feature. See the Relaxed Requirements for Address Data and Expiration page.
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