Recurring Payment

A recurring payment is a COF transaction. A series of recurring payments consists of multiple transactions that you bill to a cardholder at fixed, regular intervals not to exceed one year between transactions. The series of recurring payments is the result of an agreement between you and the cardholder.
API Resource Name:
For merchants in India, the Production endpoint is
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  1. Cardholder consents to terms and establishes service or obtains goods.
  2. You charge the first recurring payment as a CIT. Include the following field in the authorization request:
    • processingInformation.authorizationOptions.initiator.credentialStoredOnFile—set the value for this field to
  3. You charge subsequent recurring payments on a regular basis. Include the following fields in each authorization request:
    • processingInformation.commerceIndicator—set the value for this field to
    • processingInformation.authorizationOptions.initiator.merchantInitiatedTransaction.previousTransactionId—set the value for this field to the
      response field.
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