Installment Payment

An installment payment is a COF transaction. A series of installment payments consists of multiple transactions that you bill to a cardholder over a period of time agreed to by you and the cardholder for a single purchase of goods or services. The agreement enables you to charge a specific amount at specified intervals.
API Resource Name:
For merchants in India, the Production endpoint is
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  1. Cardholder consents to terms and establishes service or obtains goods.
  2. You charge the first installment payment as a CIT. Include the following field in the authorization request:
    • processingInformation.authorizationOptions.initiator.credentialStoredOnFile—set the value for this field to
  3. You charge subsequent installment payments on a regular basis. Include the following fields in each authorization request:
    • processingInformation.commerceIndicator—set the value for this field to
    • processingInformation.authorizationOptions.initiator.merchantInitiatedTransaction.previousTransactionId—set the value for this field to the
      response field value.
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