Merchant-Initiated Transactions

cardholder-initiated transaction
(CIT) is an authorization initiated by a cadholder in person, on the phone, or on a web site.
For details about CITs, see "Terminology."
merchant-initiated transaction
(MIT) is an authorization that you initiate when a cardholder is not present. Use the CyberSource Payments REST API to initiate transactions such as delayed charges, installment payments, or no-show transactions.
Figure 1 illustrates the relationships between stored credentials, CITs, and MITs.


Stored Credentials and Merchant-Initiated Transactions
There are two main types of MITs:
  • An industry practice transaction: a one-time MIT that derives payment information from a CIT.
  • A standing instruction: one transaction in a series of repeated transactions or a one-time, unscheduled transaction that uses COF payment information.


  • Chase Paymentech Solutions—the only scenarios supported on Chase Paymentech Solutions are reauthorizations and unscheduled card-on-file transactions.
  • Visa Platform Connect—Visa Platform Connect was previously called CyberSource through VisaNet.
  • Elavon Americas
  • FDC Compass
  • FDC Nashville Global
  • GPN
  • OmniPay Direct
  • Rede

Card Types

  • Mastercard—only on AIBMS and OmniPay Direct
  • Visa
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