Payment Process

Payment services provide the objects and methods you need for making calls to carry out a payment transaction. The following sequence outlines a payment transaction:
  1. A consumer places an order.
  2. Using a payment API, the merchant securely transfers the order information to CyberSource.
  3. CyberSource formats the transaction detail and, through its payment gateway, routes the transaction authorization request to the processor.
  4. The processor routes the transaction to the consumer’s payment card-issuing bank to request transaction authorization.
  5. The issuing bank (issuing the payment card for Discover or American Express transactions) authorizes or declines the transaction.
  6. CyberSource returns the response to the merchant.
  7. The issuing bank approves the transfer of money to the acquiring bank.
  8. The acquiring bank credits the merchant's account.
This diagram shows how real-time electronic card processing works:
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