When you are ready to fulfill a customer’s order and transfer funds from the customer’s bank to your bank, capture the authorization for that order.
If you can fulfill only part of a customer’s order, do not capture the full amount of the authorization. Capture only the cost of the items that you ship. When you ship the remaining items, request a new authorization, then capture the new authorization.
Unlike authorizations, a capture does not happen in real time. All of the capture requests for a day are placed in a batch file and sent to the processor. In most cases, the batch is settled at night. It usually takes two to four days for your acquiring bank to deposit funds in your merchant bank account.
You can send a request for capture or credit (via CyberSource Payment API). CyberSource validates the order information then stores the capture or credit request in a batch file. After midnight, CyberSource sends the batch file to your payment processor. The processor settles the capture or credit request and transfers funds to the appropriate bank account.
The following figure shows the process that occurs when you request a capture or credit.
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