The card verification number (CVN), which is printed or embossed on the back of the card, can be sent with the request and verified to help reduce the risk of fraud.
Each payment card company has its own name for this value:
CVN Codes
The reply message includes a raw response code and a mapped response code.
Raw Response Code
The value returned by the processor. This value is returned in the authorization reply in the
field. Use this value only for debugging purposes; do not use it to determine the card verification response.
Mapped Response Code
The predefined CyberSource value that corresponds to the raw response code. This value is returned in the
field. See “CVN Codes” in . Even when the CVN does not match the expected value, the issuing bank might still authorize the transaction. You will receive a CVN decline from CyberSource, but you can still capture the transaction as it has been authorized by the bank; however, you must review the order to ensure that it is legitimate. Settling authorizations that fail the CVN check might have an impact on the fees charged by your bank. Contact your bank for more information about how card verification management might affect your discount rate.
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