Registering Your Application

Before you can use OAuth credentials to connect to Cybersource, you must register your application in the Business Center. Test and Production environments have separate interfaces. To obtain credentials, contact us.
  1. Log in to either the Test or Production Business Center environment.
  2. Click
    Account Management
    in the left-navigation menu and choose
    Authorized Applications
    . The
    OAuth Authorized Applications
    page appears.
  3. Click
    Add Application
    . You must use an administrator account to add or change an application.
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Name of the application that you are registering.
    • Description of the application.
    • URL to redirect the merchant to your system after they grant permissions. For more information about the redirect, see Redirecting the Merchant to Cybersource.
    • Choose permissions for individual APIs or for all listed APIs.
  5. Click
    . Your application is registered, and your application’s client ID and client secret are shown. You will need them in order to redirect the merchant. Treat the client ID and client secret as confidential information and store them securely. You can regenerate your client secret if you misplace it or if its security is compromised.
  6. Click
    to return to the previous page.
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