Using Microform with the Checkout API

Use the Secure Acceptance Checkout API in conjunction with Microform technologies to provide a cohesive PCI SAQ A embedded payment application within your merchant e-commerce page. The Secure Acceptance Checkout API provides access to payment processing and additional value-added services directly from the browser.
This approach lets the integrator manage the entire consumer experience with the exception of two Microform fields which are embedded within the page to capture the PAN and/or CVV data in a secure fashion. Microform technology embeds invisible iFrames within a merchant’s payment page for the secure capture of sensitive payment information.
Basic Flow
  1. Call the
    endpoint to generate a server to server capture context.
    1. Define the targetOrigin of the Microform webpage.
    2. Define the signed
      fields for the Checkout API
    3. Define the unsigned fields of the Checkout API.
  2. Within the browser:
    1. Invoke the microform using the capture context.
    2. Capture the response transient token.
    3. Invoke the Checkout API via HTTP POST.
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