Token Management Service

The Token Management System (TMS) tokenizes, securely stores, and manages customer and payment data.
TMS allows you to: 
  • Securely store a customer's payment details and their billing and shipping addresses.
  • Create a network token of a customer's payment card.
TMS enables you to safely store customer information, including payment data, in our secure data centers. It safeguards payment data and simplifies your PCI DSS compliance. TMS passes back to you tokens that represent this data. You then store these tokens in your environment and databases instead of customer payment details.
TMS Token Types
  • Customer — Stores the buyer’s email address and the merchant's account ID for that buyer plus any other custom fields.
  • Shipping Address — Stores a shipping address for a specific customer.
  • Instrument Identifier
    An Instrument Identifier object stores either: 
    • Payment card number
    • [or] ACH bank account and routing number
    This resource creates either: 
    • An Instrument Identifier token using details of a payment card or an ACH bank account.
    • A payment network token using the details of a payment card; also uses the card expiration date and billing address, which are pass-through only fields.
  • Payment Instrument
    Stores a Payment Instrument using an Instrument Identifier token. It does not store the card number and cannot exist without an associated Instrument Identifier. It stores:
    • Card expiration date
    • Billing address
    It does not store the card number and cannot exist without an associated Instrument Identifier.
    You can also choose to store this information yourself instead and only store the card number or bank account and routing number in an Instrument Identifier object.
  • Customer Payment Instrument — Creates and stores a payment instrument for a specific customer ID and an Instrument Identifier token.
TMS Features
  • Create, retrieve, update, and delete tokens.
  • Set a default payment instrument and shipping address for a customer.
  • Process follow-on payment transactions with token IDs.
  • Create and update tokens through bundled payment transactions.


Token Management Service securely stores customer and payment data